A few days ago, I fielded a question from a constituent on my Facebook page.  I’d like to share that question–and my answer–here as well.  He asked : I looked at your LINKEDIN profile and I didn’t see anything in your education history that would apply to the job of a county auditor. Can you provide in detail what makes you qualified to hold the auditor’s position?
Here’s my response:

“Thank you for the opportunity to highlight my advanced education in public administration—the type of well-rounded background this job needs the most. I’ve completed all topical course work for my PhD and am currently working on my dissertation, which focuses on Washington State’s Election system (a key area of responsibility for the auditor’s office). Courses have included research methodology, finance and budgeting for the public sector, leadership and organizational change as well as courses on policy, politics, governance and strategic planning. Each and every course has equipped me to take on the leadership and management of the auditor’s office.

“A few people have asked if I have an accounting background. This is not a statutory requirement of the job, but folks are curious about how often auditors have that kind of background—including me! Following your lead, I researched the LinkedIn profiles of the current county auditors from the 39 Washington counties. Fewer than 20% of current county auditors had profiles that listed any education in business or accounting, and only two possess post-graduate master’s level degrees (only one in business). Other areas of study included political science and criminal justice, public administration (like me!), home economics education and one current auditor served as a paralegal prior to taking office. Clearly, there is diversity in the ranks, I am confident that I will bring my education to the effective service of the taxpayers of Stevens County.

“Beyond my education, my background in effective management of public employees across several diverse teams has provided me with the experiential preparedness to take on the duties of auditor. Please message me if you have additional questions.”